Jabco Business Services, LLC is an accounting office that services individuals and businesses in a variety of industries. At Jabco, we strive to meet each client’s specific needs on a personal level to achieve their goals in an ever-changing financial and regulatory environment. Our firm caters to clients who desire personal attention from their accountants, while providing a range of services that you would expect from a larger corporate firm. Your business will get the individual attention it deserves.

Payroll Processing

A unique service to the area where we become co-employers.  On paper, to the IRS and Georgia Departments of Revenue and Labor, your employees are my employees.  Physically, they are yours.  Call us and we will explain further and make it easier for you.


Bookkeeping services as on a Weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly basis.  Includes financial statement preparation and review to help you better understand your company’s financial health.  If you prefer to be more ‘hands-on’ with your bookkeeping, you may choose our Bookkeeping Review Service.

Bookkeeping Review Service

This service allows the client to do their own books, but brings you to our office quarterly for review and to make adjustments as needed. This is to ensure you have entered everything correctly.  It helps mostly with ensuring your tax preparation is correct, and can also be helpful when getting loans and for general day to day knowledge of the health of your business.

Tax Preparation

Specialized in small business, whether it be Sole Proprietorship, Corporation (C or S), or Partnership, and personal tax returns.


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